Varsity Blues

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 Currently, I’m heading back to Harvard University alone on a private jet. Derek is still with family and God knows who else. I’m excited to see my Kappa Delta’s when I get home because we’re off to Las Vegas!


McLaughlin’s Home

Westchester, New York

11:30 am

“Momma, they’re here. They’re here.” I heard a little girls voice say pointing to Derek and I. I was quite confused to whom the little girl was then I realized it was a spitting image of Derek himself.

“Hi Momma.” Derek said hugging his mom. “Gabrielle.” He said to his little sister. “Derek.” She said hugging his legs. He picked her up and put her on his shoulders. “Gabrielle and Momma. This Caitilin or Callie.” He said introducing me. “Nice to meet you all.” I said to Gabrielle and his Mother. “You can call me either Kelsie or Mrs. McLaughlin.” She said shaking my hand.


“This way is the guest bedroom where we will be staying.” Derek said climbing up the stairs holding our luggage. “Nice.” I mumbled once we got to the room and he dropped the stuff. “Come here.” He said. I walked over to him and he kissed me. “What are the plans for today?” I asked ending the kiss. “Well, Dad will be home soon. We could go to Savv’s Sushi Grill at the Westchester Mall for some lunch?” He said to me smiling. “That’d be fun. Let me go freshen up.” I said laughing walking toward a bag.

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Savv’s Sushi Grill

Westchester Mall

1:50 pm

“Kate, will be your server.” Deliah, the hostess said after Derek and I were in the booth. “Hello, welcome to Savv’s. My name is Kate. May I start you off with something to drink?” She asked. “Virgin Pina Colada.” “Same.” Derek said.

“Derek McLaughlin, is that you?” Kate asked. “Yeah, Kate West?” He asked. “Yes!” “Well, hello. How have you been?” “Fantastic. You? What have you been up to since high school?” “I’m great. Attending Harvard in Mu Theta Phi Frat House and a Criminology Major. What about you?” “Attending NYU as a English Major.” “Oh yeah, this is Callie Elle. A friend from school.” “Hello there. Let me get your number, so we can meet up before school!” She said handing him a slip of paper and a pen.

“Who’s that?” I asked politely after she left. “Oh, Kate? She went to high school with me. We dated.” Derek said. “Oh.” I said before eating some of my California Rolls.

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McLaughlin’s Home

4:45 pm

“Dad.” Derek said to his father. “Meet Callie.” He said gesturing to me. “Well aren’t you pretty?” He said. “Uh.” I said blushing. “Stop Dad with your charm.” Derek said.

“I made plans with Kate tomorrow.” I heard Derek say. “What?” I asked. “I made plans.” “What am I supposed to do then?” I asked. “Maybe hang out with my mom and Gabrielle?” He suggested. “Sure, fine.”


Yachts Yachts!

12:25 pm

“Let’s go to Yacht’s Yachts. I need to buy some more furniture for the boat.” Derek’s mom said to Gabrielle. “May I come?” I asked. “Sure.”

After spending time with Gabrielle and Derek’s mother, I saw a nice quiet park by the house. “Can I get dropped off here?” “Sure, I’ll come back to get you in 30 mintues.” “That’d be nice. Thank you.” I said climbing out of the park.

I heard laughter and followed it. It sounded an awful lot like Derek’s voice. Sure enough, I saw what and who it was and it was Derek and Kate.


Derek & Kate

I snapped a photo. I walked over to the swings listening to everything they were talking about without them knowing. Finally, Derek’s mom came back to get me.


McLaughlin’s Home

4:35 pm

I walked through the door of the home with Gabrielle holding my hand. “Momma and I are making dinner.” Gabrielle said to me letting go and heading toward the kitchen. I instead, walked toward the guest bedroom. Although, I got stopped along the way. “Derek.” I heard Mr. McLaughlin say to his son in his home office. “Caitlin is a nice girl. A beautiful one at that. I wonder, are you as serious about her as she is about you? Are you committed?” He asked his son. Derek didn’t answer. “Well, son, I don’t personally think she’s the right one for you. She’s too privileged. Too perfect and prim. You on the other hand, come from a mother who stays at home with no other job. And, a struggling dad who owns a resturant.” “Dad, that has nothing to do with our relationship.” “Oh, but it does. Kate is going to college at NYU with a job whereas Callie is vegging all summer long traveling. Her mother is a model and her dad is a congress delegate. She gets her life handed to her on a silver platter. You and I both know that.” “Dad, stop.” “I’m not going too. Breakup with Callie. End it. Before you get hurt and stay with Kate.”

After I heard Derek’s father say that, I walked straight to the guest room with tears in my eyes. I started to pack.



Guest Bedroom

7:30 pm

“Um, I heard you and your dad earlier today.” I said to Derek after sitting in bed with pure silence. “When?” “During the conversation about us.” “Oh.” “Is it true? Are you going to end it?” “My father is right.” “Fuck you. And, the insult you just threw at me.” I said climbing out of the bed. “I thought you cared about me, that you loved me. When in actuallity all you cared about was the popularity. Its just like damn high school.” I continued. “I do love you.” He said. “No, you don’t.” I said through gasps of breath and tears. “If you did, you would of defended us. Fought for us. You didn’t. Go sleep and spend the rest of your life with Kate. Do what you do best. Give up. I’m leaving tomorrow. I guess I’ll see you at school.” I said migrating to the other guest room to go to sleep. That night I cried myself to sleep.

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Stay Wishing You Were Me,

Callie Elle Andrews


Public Humiliation…

Hey Ivy Elites,

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Currently, Cassie is smiling and chilling with some friends. While, I’m finishing up packing to hop on a plane tomorrow to Westchester. Derek is talking to my dad downstairs about something hush hush. My mom is dusting and talking to me. And, Kadence is doing better!


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Cassie & I

Andrews Home

Boston, Massachusetts

12:25 am

“Cassie! Wake up.”I said tossing a pillow at her bed. “WHAT?” She asked sounding exhausted. “Come down and have lunch so we can go shopping for our dresses for the bachelorette party tonight.” “One moment…” She responded. I left and walked downstairs.

“What’s for brunch mom?” I asked coming into the kitchen. “Grapes, Kiwi, Strawberries, Bananas, Mangos, with Bacon, Pancakes, and other food.” She said over the blender. 

welcome lovely

“Your smoothie!” Mom said giving me my favorite drink. “Thank you Mother.” I said smiling. We ate our breakfast before I rushed up the stairs to get dressed with Cassie in tow. I put on something simple and waited on Cassie downstairs.


Central Boston Mall

2:30 pm

“Let’s try here!” Cassie said motioning to Dillard’s. “Sure, I guess. But, afterwards we’ve got to go to Deb.” I said heading into the store. We were in search for some drop dead gorg dresses. On Kadence’s invite, there wasn’t much information.

“I’ve found the dress!” I heard Cassie yell from her fitting room. “Lettme see!” I responded putting on another dress. I have yet to find the one.


“That’s gorgeous. Gold clutch. Simplistic makeup.” I said listing what would look great. “We need to hit up Nine West. You buy that dress, and off to Deb we go.” I said going back into the fitting room.



“I’ve found one.” I shouted to Cassie coming out showing it off. “I adore!” She yelled from the jewelry rack.


“What do you think?” She asked holding this 3 bangle bracelet. “It’ll match mine better since mine is plainer. I think I’ve got something cute at home for yours.” I said walking to the register.

“Off to Nine West?” She asked me smiling. “Yeah sis.” I said returning the smile.


Holly Anne’s Bar & Grill 


“Let’s get this party started!” Kadence said to me, Cassie, Clara, and Shawuna. Each girl had on a form of gold in their outfit. Kadence’s shoes, Shawuna’s clip, Clara’s clutch, my bracelet and Cassie’s dress. The theme of the resturant was midnight black and gold which made since to why she told us on the invite to wear either black or gold.

“Ready for the Wedding tomorrow?”  I asked over the loud bass. “I’ve been waiting for this day my entire life.” Kadence said smiling.


Jack’s Hair Salon

12:00 am

“You look amazing!” Kadence said looking at me after Walter Jack finished with my hair and makeup. I laughed, “Don’t I always?” “Yup.” She said smiling.

“Time to go!” Kadence said to the other bridemaids. There was me and Cassie, Clara, Shawuna, and Stella. We piled into the limo awaiting outside. Afterwards, we headed to the Hotel Lagoon where we had breakfast and prepared for the wedding.

Louisa, the designer, helped make last mintue dress adjustments.

“There you go, Caitlin.” Louisa said helping me stand in my heels. “Let’s take a selfie of all of us.” I mumbled to Kadence. “Take it will you, Louisa?” “Sure darlin'”

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Gabrielle (flower girl), Shawuna, Cassie, Clara, Stella, Kadence, and I


Private Beach

2:45 pm

Destine A Beach Wedding With Destination weddings - share a happy day.

I smiled looking at all of the wedding decor. It was exactly how Kadence wanted it. It would be absolutely perfect. She and I were so excited.

We all lined up for the walk down the aisle. I noticed someone missing from the altar…

the groom.

I looked at Cassie and she nodded noticing it also. “Excuse me.” Kendall, one of cousins said into a microphone. “Kadence, it is my sincerest apologies to tell you this but Drew, doesn’t want to get married today or ever. He has decided to call off the wedding and the engagement. This wedding would of been perfect and beautiful but a marriage is a two-way street. It’s just that, the relationship you and Drew had is coming to an end.” Kendall said with tears. Kadence gripped her dress and ran from the aisle. Cassie and I followed with our mother, Caroline following suit. Once we were a safe distance away, Kadence started crying.

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Andrews Home

7:00 pm

“Cassie, ready to go to the party?” I asked tapping on her door.  “Just a moment.” She said before opening.

“We look good.” I said having my mom snap a photo.

Endless Bliss

Cassie & I

“Off to the party we go!” Cassie said giggling. 


Private Yacht Party

8:00 pm

“Enact Revenge?” I asked Cassie. “Yeah.” She said after we hung at the party for a few hours.

Cassie and I had talked to some of Cassie’s friends from school earlier in the week. We found out that this girl Julianna has kissed a bunch of other girls boyfriends but they just dumped their boyfriend instead of getting revenge. Cassie and I took it upon ourselves to get revenge on Julianna and Jake. The party we were at, we knew both of them would be there.

“Microphone.” Cassie said to the DJ. Once, Cassie recieved it the DJ quit playing a mix. Everyone looked around figuring out why the music stopped. “Excuse me.” Cassie said into the microphone. “I have an announcement.” Cassie continued. I then mass sent out the photo of the kiss to everyone and screened it to show on a wall that everyone could see. The yacht was heading back to shore where everyone would get off and either leave or chill on the beach so, we had limited time. “Julianna, ” I head Cassie say. “You are such a backstabber. How dare you do what you did. You not only have done it to me but tons of other girls. You aren’t a real friend or my friend anymore. You’re life is done.” She said while I flipped through the proof of her causing other boyfriends to cheat.

“Now, Jake. We are done.” I heard my sister say. Everyone gasped. “I can’t be with someone who would cheat or wouldn’t stop a girl like her. Good luck finding another girlfriend.” She said. 

“Cassie, wait.” Jake said from the crowd. “No. I’m done waiting. I’m done with the way you treat me.” “Cassie, you mean everything to me.” “Why did you do it? Huh?” He couldn’t respond. The boat approached the beach. “Everyone enjoy the rest of your night.” She said before we hopped off the yacht.


I never expected Cassie to do what she did. She has became stronger so, I’m okay leaving her again for a few months. It’ll be a while before I’m back in Boston and before I can see her. She’s my bestfriend and I’m so proud of her and her growth.


Stay Wishing That You Were Me,

Callie Elle Andrews


Back to Boston

Hey Ivy Elites,

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Currently, I’m resting in my Dolce & Gabana covered window seat in my room in the wonderful city of Boston. My nails are painted by Leanna, our housekeeper. Coco Chanel, my bunny, is in her cage nibbling on her newest treat that I just bought her from NibbleQuest. My sister Cassie is downstairs with her friend, Leslie while I type my readers this thorough post of why I’m in Boston for a week.


Harvard University

Kappa Delta House

3:30 pm

“So, we’re leaving in three days to go visit your family in Westchester, New York?” I questioned my boyfriend, Derek McLaughlin. “Yes ma’am.” He said leaning over to kiss me. “This is going to be fun.” I mumbled in between kisses. “I’m glad you think so.” He responded.

*La La Da Di*

I grabbed my phone immediately recognizing the jingle of We Can’t Stop by: Miley Cyrus symbolizing my sister, Cassie was calling.

“Cass.” I said. “Callie, I’ve got some exciting news.” She said hurrying with the hello. “What is it Cass?” “Kadence, our cousin, is getting married to Landon Cruise.” “Ohmygod.” “There’s more, too. She wants us in the wedding.” “When is it?” I questioned thinking about what was happening in three days. “Not until next week. But, this week we have fittings. Mom has arranged Kristopher to come and pick you and Derek up.” “Well, in three days I was meeting Derek’s parents.” “Oh. Um.” She said.

“Babe, we can visit them after.” I heard Derek say interrupting my thoughts. “We’ll be there for the wedding.” I said to Cassie before hanging up. “You are amazing, don’t you know that?” I said kissing him. “I’ve been told that before.” He said smiling and returning the kiss.


Harvard University

Mu Theta Phi House

9:45 pm

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[Me before the party]

I walked around the party silently with Summer sipping her red Solo Cup. “Don’t get to drunk, Summ.” I said fretting over having to pull up her hair while she would be puking. “I’ve got somewhere to be in the morning.” I mumbled. “Yesssh.” She slurred. That was when I realized that it was too late. “Tracey.” I called, searching for a Kappa Delta girl. I ran into Ashleigh first. “Mind finding Derek with me? Then I’ve got to rush off to pack and deal with Summ.” I said gesturing to Summer sitting on the hardwood floor of the hallway. “I’ll watch her.” Ashleigh said already helping her up to head to Kappa Delta.

“Baby.” I said to Derek. “Yes babe.” He responded. “Its time for me to leave.” I said. “I’ll come with.” “Don’t worry. Just have a little more fun and then come to Kappa.” I said. “Alright.” He said kissing me.


Andrews Home

Boston, Massachusetts

10:55 pm

 “She’s here!” Cassie yelled from her window. I saw my sister run down the staircase and rush to the door. Reaching it before I got to it.

“Sis.” She said tackling me into a hug. I smiled and returned the hug with my dad snapping this photo of us. “You’ve grown up.” I said to my sister ruffling her brunette hair. 


1:23 pm

 “Where’s the bride?” I asked my mother talking about Kadence obviously. “On her way sweetheart. Remember, she lives further.” My mother said snapping her fingers telling Charlie, the beagle to get down and away from the coffee table. Derek was off playing golf with my father. Cassie was painting her nails a mint color. I was looking at the rolling waves at our private beach.

“Want to go swimming after?” I heard Cassie say. “Sure, Cass.” I said smiling. I love Cassie and how she can read my mind immediately no matter the circumstance.


After a little while, I heard the familiar steps of my cousin, Kadence.

*Ping, Plong, Plank. Ping, Plong, Plank.*

“Kaddy?” I questioned calling her by her infamous nickname. “Here ye, Mi Callie.” She said. Causing me to laugh. She tackled me into kissy hug.

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 After breaking from the hug, I screamed “Where is the ring? I’ve got to see that pretty little rock.” She grinned. “Right here.” She said showing me. “Good taste.”

Fittings seemed to be the most stressful part for my cousin. My sister, Cassie was on this new diet and lost about 2 pounds causing the dress to drop on the sides inappropriately. Whereas mine was barely fitting. I obviously slid into the Freshman15. If you don’t know what it is, just google it.


Private Beach

Behind Andrews Home

5:55 pm

“Bye Kadence.” I said before jogging up the steps with Cassie in tow to go find our swimsuits.  We frolicked in the water until my Mother came out to snap a photo.


I left my mother and sister alone to pursue the public half of the beach. I walked down it awhile before coming across someone I knew. And, that was my sister’s boyfriend. I saw him though, with someone who wasn’t my sister. Then, he leaned down to kiss the girl. I hurriedly snapped a photo walking briskly back to the private side. 

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Cassie’s Room

7:30 pm

“Cassie?” I said padding down the hallway still in my wet swimsuit with my phone in my right hand. “In here.” She mumbled.

“Hey darling, how are you?” I asked my sister who was sitting in bed squeezing a pillow pet that looked like a lovebug so, I assumed it was from her boyfriend. “I’m good.” “That’s good. Um, I got something to tell you and show you.” “What is it?” She asked perking up a bit. That’s when I saddened a bit. I unlocked my phone and said,”Cassie, what I’m about to show you and tell you is the most difficult a sister or a best friend has to do. But, um, your boyfriend is cheating on you.” “How do you know?” She shouted. I placed my phone in her hand and opened the file of the photo. I looked at her as tears begin to well in her eyes. “Come here Cassie.” I said pulling her into a hug, holding her and trying my best not to cry with her. “That girls, my friend.” I heard her whisper.

As soon as those words left Cassie’s lips, I knew what was best. That little thing so sweet yet so bitter, is Revenge… No one treats my sister like that.


Stay Wishing That You Were Me,

Callie Elle Andrews

P.S. Next post-Revenge and Wedding!